Surgery Packages

Our Packages

Our surgical packages include everything you need to have a safe, amazing plastic surgery holiday. We leave nothing to chance and neither should you. Every aspect of your holiday is planned carefully by medical professionals and is monitored from the booking stage through to follow-up care on your return to Australia.

The booking process is simple, yet thorough. After having either an in-person, telephone or online consultation with one of our consultants, you will then be required to have a live Skype consultation with Dr Joel Unson

Our prices are transparent and Dr Unson’s role is to discuss your medical history and ensure you are a good candidate for surgery. Our package prices are generally firm, however flights from some airports in Australia can involve slight variances. Also, Dr Unson does need to consult with you to ensure it is the right package to suit your needs. For example, you may think you require a breast lift but in fact implants alone may be suitable for the results you seek. Or perhaps you may be wanting a tummy tuck and Dr Unson might suggest a small amount of liposuction in addition, to ensure brilliant results.

Our packages include consulting with you every step of the way. Our Recovery Manager, Marc Ong, will collect you personally from Manila airport upon your arrival, and will be your driver during your holiday, taking you to and from your appointments and surgery.

Our packages include all costs except the following: Your daily lunches and dinners (quite cheap), your appointment with a cardiologist upon arrival in Manila (around $15AUD), an international phone sim card (around $12AUD including 1 week of unlimited data) and your support garment (Marc will take you shopping to select your preferred garment, or you are welcome to purchase your own in Australia prior to departure. They are not expensive and your consultant will happily help you to select the right garment for your procedure.)

There are no surprise costs – we are exceptionally upfront about everything so you are happy and prepared.

See below for details regarding our packages. These are NOT our only available packages, they are simply the most commonly enquired procedures. Dr Unson is very broadly skilled and should you have different requirements, please contact us and we will tailor a package that perfectly suits you!