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Quality & Safety is our Culture

International Aesthetic Surgical Holidays is run by Erin Jaye Williams in partnership with the amazing Dr Joel Unson. Erin and Dr Joel met in 2012 after Erin lost a phenomenal 70kgs and was left with redundant skin. 

Erin had previously had surgery in Australia – a breast augmentation with a lift which had been horribly botched by a cosmetic surgeon (a very important distinction in regards to qualifications). Over the course of 4 years, Erin had 4 breast augmentations in Australia, spending almost $50,000 in an attempt to correct the terrible outcome of her first surgery. In the end she was left with deformed breasts and had given up trying to fix the problem.

However, in 2012 after her significant weight loss, Erin revisited the idea of surgery to remove the redundant skin on her stomach, arms, thighs and buttocks and began to visit Australian plastic surgeons.

However, with quotes in excess of $50,000, Erin all but gave up hope of Australian surgery. It was at that point that she began researching the relatively new idea of international surgery, and of course, Thailand appeared to be the only option.

After multiple consultations with Australian companies for surgery in Thailand, again Erin felt this was not an appropriate option. These consults consisted of her meeting with an unqualified Australian consultant who knew little to nothing about these particular complicated procedures, or simply her sending photos of herself to an Australian company. In return, Erin received a few sentences from a Thai surgeon that simply stated that yes, the surgery could be done and offering a price.

Erin was unable to ask questions real-time and some of the answers she received after waiting for days made no sense. The language barrier was an enormous issue, and more alarmingly, these Thai surgeons were all willing to undertake the four procedures in one go – something that each Australian plastic surgeon had indicated could be life threatening.

Not one to give up, Erin continued searching until she discovered Dr Joel Unson. Dr Joel or Dr J as he is known, was based in Manila. Further research showed Erin that this was an ideal location for many reasons, not the least of which being that the Philippines are an English speaking country. Also having been American soil up until the 90’s, the medical standards and guidelines of the Philippines mirrored that of America, which is almost identical to Australia, with the added safeguard of the regulatory body of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Dr Joel invited Erin to have a live time Skype consultation with him, and the rest is history! Immediately she felt completely confident in his abilities, in his opinions and his advice. He refused to combine all four procedures in one sitting and insisted that he would only take Erin on as a patient if she agreed to stay a month in Manila so that these operations could be spaced apart, ensuring both her safety and his ability to not need to rush the procedures.

In 2012, Erin Jaye Williams traveled to Manila. Philippines for a full circumferential body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and a corrective breast augmentation.


Not only did Dr Joel absolutely transform her body, but he also completely corrected the four botched Australian breast augmentations in one single procedure.

Since that time, Erin and Dr Joel have worked together as an amazing team, transforming the bodies of men and women across the world.
Their dedication to their patients is incredible. They pride themselves on an extremely personal service – with Erin staying in constant contact with every single patient during their stay. Erin’s knowledge on every single surgical procedure available far surpasses that of any other Australian surgical holiday company and coupled with the incredible skill of Dr Joel Unson, International Aesthetic’s surgical holidays are by and far the best option available.